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Children have the possibility to

go to school through a free education program offered by TIHAJC.

we know we can't change the world,

but we can make it better for some people.

Here is a view of Kanaan the area where we are located, it's also called the refuge land. That's where they moved the people from the tent cities after the earthquake of January 2010.

More than 350.000 families are now living in this precarious environment of deforested foothills and desertified floodplain.

As you can see, 97% of the houses in Kanaan is very poorly structured, made of tarps, sheets, woods anything they can find, those houses are either tightened with rope or nailed, good enough to protect against the sun, but when it's raining its a catastrophe.

That is what we get when there is not enough school in the area and the few ones we have you have to pay to attend school.

So more kids than what we planed and have budget for join THI/AJC some days.


Tâche Inter Humaine is a center of change for Haiti.

The organization was founded by Nikki and Herold with the objective to bring hope to the people of Haiti and make a difference in their lives.

At Tâche Inter Humaine we hope to improve the lives of Haitians by offering free education primarily, a meal to the children attending school. Tâche Inter Humaine also hosts medical clinics to the community working with volunteer Haitian Dr. Whisky.

In the future the center hopes to host medical clinics, a birth control center and soccer program.

It is a place funded by Nikki, and Breathe Pilates and Fitness Studio (breathe pilates and fitness) but driven by the ideas of the Haitian people. In all matters pertaining to the running of the school and programs decisions will be made by the Board of Directors which consists of 3 Haitians and 2 Canadians.

The mission of the center is to provide free education to those who otherwise would not have an opportunity for school.

At Tâche Inter Humaine, Haitians are given the opportunity to support and help their peers through a kindergarten class (Academie Jude Canniff) That will follow 10 students from beginning to the end of primary education.

Tâche Inter Humaine believes that all human beings have the right to education, free will and hope for the future.

The phrase "Tâche Inter Humaine" means "Humans work together, helping each other" in this case I am not Canadian, you are not Haitian, he is not american, we are all human and all human beings have the right to education, free will and hope for the future.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world. We believe making a difference in the life of a person is worth all the money in the world.


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