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A view of some houses in Kanaan

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The people of Haiti is suffering political, economical, and natural disasters daily that have left the country the poorest in the West Hemisphere with a CPI of 5.9%, Unemployment Rate: 40.6% Around 75% of Haitians live on less than $2 a day and two-thirds are unemployed. In 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated much of what little economic infrastructure did exist. Together we are bringing help and hope to these desperate people.

About 18Km from Port au Prince, live more than 35 000 families in a hot dry arid desertified place, with no drinking water, no schools, no assistance from the government.

The people live In some houses very poorly structured build with tarps tightened with hope or nailed.

8 out of every 10 people earn less than 1 US$ per day , and as regards the other 2 left, they live by chance via a small trade, where they buy things and go downtown to Port-au-prince to resale them, that gives them just the opportunity to feed their families just once day, seldom twice.

No possibility to ensure the schooling of their children when we know how expensive it is a school year in Haiti. Some of them even if they were saving for a year they could not reach the amount where they could even pay for one month of school.

There is no free education in Haiti from kindergarten to university, no assistance from the government, it's either you pay or you do not go to school. As the most of the population lives unemployed, due to lack of finance so they choose option B which causes the majority of the children do not go to school, they hang out in the streets almost naked , begging for money, and are ready to do anything for money. So when those children grow up, there will be the result of some grown men without heart that will make all the bad things that you could imagine such as murder.

                 So at TIHAJC we know all the consequences that can product, so we offer ten families the opportunity to send their kids to school without worrying what they gonna eat during the day at school, its also the opportunity to save the future of ten people, and prevent lots of bad things that could happen in the future. We know we can't globally stop all those bad things happening or change the world, but we can low the rate as little as we can and make the world better for some people. So instead of siting there watching everything deteriorating day by day we decide to do something to bring a little hope to some lives.

A very small action you do in somebody's life can make a huge difference in the entire world.

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