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Adventure with us have a powerful experience helping to bring hope to some lives and help people in need!

Whether you are teaching, doing medical clinics, construction, feeding programs, children's programs, developmental training, or micro-business training, or even just for a visit.

Our trips are great opportunities to see with your own eyes the real needs that many people in Haiti have and join with them and help make

a long-lasting effect.

If you would like to take your community, class, group or yourself please contact us and we can discuss possibilities and ways we can utilize your team's specific gifting.

So if you are ready for an adventure and don’t mind getting a little dirty for a good cause then contact us and ask about our upcoming trips.

Upcoming trip from May 12th to the 17th

2 days of medical clinic will be hosted in Cap Haitien which is the second biggest city of Haiti.

And also a food distribution at the center of TIH/AJC

Haiti November 2016

Trip second week of November of 2016 that's included Medical clinic and visit plus support to some people in Aux Cayes,

one of the 2 places most affected by hurricane Matthew on October of 2016

We hosted a 2 days medical clinic in Haiti at 2 different locations.First, in Delmas 31, in a church located In Okay City, one of the poorest slums of the country, where we saw over 100 people. The other one was at the school's location of TIH in Kanaran, where we also saw over 100 people.

Below is a couple pictures.

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